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To play the Fun Games:

I highly recommend that you use a modern browser and that it is up to date.

Some of the games are not for use on a mobile platform as they require flash player or another plugin to run, so they will say "You need this plugin to play the game.", this is also if the user agent in your browser is set to a mobile platform.

Some of the mobile games are only meant to be played in portrait, so if you want those mobile games to play in landscape you will need to set the user agent in your browser to desktop instead, but this is only if you are playing on a mobile platform, and doing this works nearly all of the time.

If the game thumbnail icons go small after exiting a game, scroll back up to the top of the page, then scroll back down again or refresh the page, and if a game crashes press the back button in the top left hand corner, then restart the game.

Wait for the games to load, the games list is scrollable, touch a game thumbnail icon to start playing, the games in the list get updated frequently.