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Here you can obtain knowledge about how to keep your Windows computer secure, with more knowledge to come.

While using these programs, settings and this knowledge, I have never had Viruses, Malware or Spyware etc.

Buy and install real-time security software, to protect continuously from Viruses, Malware, Spyware & other online threats etc, I would recommend Norton Security as it utilizes one of the largest global civilian intelligence networks to spot threats faster and it is the number 1 ranked consumer security software for overall protection and performance, it has multiple layers of protection, and an intelligent Smart Firewall and Intrusion Prevention, it also has SONAR Protection which protects you against malicious code even before virus definitions are available through LiveUpdate, so that means it proactively detects unknown security risks on your computer and it also has Auto Protect, plus it has Norton Tamper Protection, Browser Protection, Safe Surfing, Download Intelligence and it also blocks Ransomware etc,

it is also available on mobile devices which can be used with your Norton Security license, the app is called Norton Mobile Security which is the most advanced mobile security for Android in the world, it has Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware now including protection against Trojans, Anti-Theft, Safe Search, SafeWeb filtering protection, App Advisor, the ability to auto scan apps on the Google Play Store, the ability to block unwanted calls and text messages, contacts backup, Privacy Report & Link Guard etc, which scans any link you go on via emails & text messages to make sure it is safe and if it is not safe it will be automatically blocked.

Install non real-time security software, to perform extra scans and to automatically block even more with things like immunisation, prevention & protection which can immunise files and browser programs against things like Spyware, Malware, Adware, Browser Hijackers & Dialers etc, also you can't have two real-time security programs running at the same time as they will interfere with each other, so I would recommend Malwarebytes free it does come with a free trial included but don't say yes to it as if you do it will become a real-time security program, I would also recommend Spybot - Search & Destroy & SpywareBlaster, you can install all of these for free and they will not interfere with each other as you will only have one real-time security program running.

Set your DNS to Norton ConnectSafe DNS for free, as it will protect your computers & devices from bad websites including Malware, Phishing & Scam websites etc, as it checks every website before you go on it to make sure it is safe and if it is not safe then it will be automatically blocked.

Once the security programs are installed and set-up remember to keep them up-to-date, plus remember to keep your browsers and other programs up-to-date as well, as doing all of this will mean your security in those programs are up-to-date.

If not done automatically always check and install important Windows Updates and it is also a good idea if supported to check and choose which optional Windows Updates to install as well, so you can get the latest Windows Security Patches & Updates like for an example the Windows Security Patch to block WannaCry Ransomware, plus to resolve general Windows issues & bugs, also to access new Windows & Software features if supported.

Upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10, as Windows 7 SP1 in 2020 will be unsupported soon as mainstream support has already ended and only extended support is now active until 2020, so that means it will only receive Windows Security Patches & Security Updates until 2020 so no new features will be added to Windows 7 SP1, and Windows 10 is faster as it has a faster boot time and faster USB 3.0 speeds etc, and it is more stable and more secure and it has new features with more new features to come, also it will be supported for more years, plus you can fully stop Microsoft from collecting your data by disabling Telemetry & Data Collection so just search Google for Windows 10 disable Telemetry & Data Collection, also you can make Windows Update become manual again by turning on the setting in Windows 10 called metered connection on WiFi or ethernet, and you can prevent specific Windows Updates from being installed using the Microsoft "Show or hide updates" troubleshooter package which can be downloaded direct from Microsoft, and all of this can be done even in Windows 10 home edition.

You can obtain Perfect Passwords using GRC's Ultra High Security Password Generator, they are 63-64 characters long, each one is totally random and they use a massive 512 bits of Security, so they are perfect for a Wireless Security password etc, and if you don't like entering the long password in on each device manually just use WPS to connect your devices to your Router as that saves time if your Router supports it, or just copy and paste the long password to your devices if your device supports it, plus if you use GRC's Interactive Brute Force Password Calculator, you can check to see how long it would take to find your password if an attacker had to try every possible combination, as if you don't use passwords with dictionary words in them then an attacker has to find your password using brute force by trying every possible combination, and the passwords you enter are locally entered so they never leave your browser, that means the GRC's Website servers do not know the passwords you enter so your passwords are still private.

It's best to disable your Routers built in WPS pin as it is short and can easily be found by an attacker, you can do this in your Routers Advanced Wireless settings if your Router supports it, you will still be able to use WPS because your Router still allows WPS push button connect and the WPS pin of your device to be entered into your Router if your Router supports it, plus always set your Routers Wireless Security to WPA2-PSK AES if your Router supports it.

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